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Els últims de Filipines

Madrid, 2018. The government of Mariano Rajoy has gassed all intellectuals of Humanities of Spain. The public university has been dismantled, reducing all Spanish public universities to a single campus of the Central University Spanish (UCE) housed in a 47-story skyscraper. The government grants a unique fellowship in Humanities since 2016. Currently, there are only three research fellows, Fernando, a researcher in Ancient History of Spain, the first to be awarded a scholarship and Sevillian origin José, fellow in Economics and from Valdepeñas and Nicolas, the new addition, a researcher in philosophy and Valencia Basque origin. The three fellows live in the basement of the UCE, can only see the outside through a remote skylight.

A comedy about the hopelessness of humanistic research and the contempt with which it has been treated by different Spanish governments.

AuthorJavier Sahuquillo

Born in Valencia, 1982. He is a historian (UVEG), playwright and stage director (RESAD). He has attended writing workshops with Jose Sanchís Sinisterra, Paco Zarzoso, Jose Luis Alonso de Santos and Roberto Garcia. Co-director of the theatre magazine Ukränia and member of the company Perros Daneses.

His debut was with the monologue Pasaporte at the XIV Marathon of monologues in Madrid, organized by the Theatre Authors Association-AAT in 2012. In 2013 were premiered the collective play of Teatro Ebrio, La ronda del miedo, and Sonata de los desconocidos at the I Festival Llavoreta Viva. In 2014 were premiered the plays El origen de las especies 2.0, Pasaporte and Después de Europa.

He has published short texts in diferetn magazines, such as Ecléctica, Pliegos and Teatro Mínimo and three plays, Acequia (Editorial Acotaciones a la Caja Negra, 2010), Su turno. Comedia sacra inspirada en la vida de Carlos de Foucauld (Editorial CoCo, 2012) and Fedra (Fundamentos, 2014).

Production companyArcàdia Companyia

Marta Aran

Laia Alsina, Lara Díez, Gemma Deusedas i Marta Aran

Translation from catalan by
Rocío García Recuenco