PIIGS 2015 Col.laterals

My relationship with food of Angélica Liddell

After the inaugural act, we attended the performance of the play “My relationship with food” of Angelica Liddell by the company Almaradas and with the following cast:

Actresses Sonia Espinosa and Adeline Flaun

Stage direction: Pau de Nut

Assistant Director: Quique Culebras

Lighting design: Javier Servet

Production: Jaume Muñoz

Precisely for the reflection on the complex relations between the power and independence of the artist, the inertia of the theatrical market and the honesty of the creator, the text of Angelica Liddell seemed perfect for us to open, artistic and conceptually, the meeting between the PIIGS authors and some of our local artists. In this case, Josep M. Riera actor and director, founder of the de la company La Quadra Màgica, Aleix Fauró, director, author and actor, member of La Virgueria and Ivan Morales, actor, director and screenwriter.




As we did last year, in this edition, we also wanted to involve young people. From 29 June to 3 July, the young participants in the Performing Arts Workshop organized by La Jarra Azul at Espai Jove Garcilaso, under the direction and coordination of Marta Aran and Antonio Morcillo, presented a show from scenes fragments of texts written by the authors of the festival and their own thoughts on the topics treated.

Activity with the support of AjuntamentBCN