On Thursday July 23, 2015, we opened the second edition of the festival, with the presence of the four selected authors for this year, the artistic teams invited for the staged readings, as well as people from the world of culture and social movements of Barcelona, friends and colleagues, many people and from many areas interested in participating in this event which mixes theatre and socio-political reflection.

On this occasion, we had the Andy Warhol space in La Nau Ivanow, where authors read an excerpt from their work in its original language and share with the pubic their intentions and reasons for writing their pieces. This was the first meeting between the audience and the authors, and it was repeated the following two days with the same openness and mutual curiosity.

Festival PIIGS is a project created and organized by perpetuummobile.

With the support of



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Also, we count with the collaboration of cultural associations, translators, photographs, designers, actors and directors, etc. who generously and enthusiastically want to be involved from the first moment.

And we keep on working to be joining efforts and initiatives that help to rise and make the project grow.