Readings PIIGS 2014


Resgate (‘Ransom’), by Armando Nascimento Rosa, puts the banking corruption as the axis that articulates the dramatic action. The kidnapping of a banker and his secretary triggers a speech in which the urgent need of the individual meets with the big financial interests. No reconciliation is possible. Nascimento mixes farce with political theatre, in a play in which the urgency and seriousness of the approaches of the characters coexist with the comic unreality of the moment.


Armando Nascimento Rosa

Award-winning Portuguese playwright (Ribeiro da Fonte Revelation Theatre Award in 2000; Albufeira Prize for Drama in 2008; Bernardo Santareno National Theatre Award, in 2011, etc), is the author of more than 20 original plays, most of them published and translated into different languages with full productions and/or staged readings in cities of Europe and America. Since 1998, Armando (Ph.D in Dramatic Literature) has been a professor at Lisbon’s Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon’s Faculty of Dramatic Arts and Film). He is also a singer/composer now engaged in the project O Piano em Pessoa / A Piano in Pessoa, which turns into music poems by multilingual modernist author Fernando Pessoa, a show he premiered October 2012 in Spain, with pianist António Neves da Silva, at The University of Barcelona.

DirectoraAdeline Flaun

Director, actress and broadcaster. Born in Martinique (French Caribbean), arrived in Barcelona after a while in Lille (France) where she founded her first company. She studied performance at Moveo and Javier Galitó-Cava, among others, and followed workshops at the Obrador-Sala Beckett (Victoria Spuntzberg Davide Carnivale…).

Work with directors like Frederic Roda, Josep Pere Peyró, Angels Aymar, Nicolás Rivera, Quique Culebras Javier Galitó-Cava, among others.

She creates the company ALMARADAS with which works with texts engaged with society: El soroll dels ossos quan cruixen, Moi, Edouard Denan, Umbral, El Ausente.

Actores port ActorsIldefons Vilanova

Sonia Espinosa

Toni Climent

Salva Soler


Pau Segalés (Instituto Camões de Barcelona)