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In the not too distant future the economic crisis (that instead of winding down has accelerated) has transformed Europe into a continent of emigrants. Meanwhile European citizens in the hope of finding work and a better future try to get to the “richer” countries, but are forced to do so illegally because those countries have closed their borders. Amongst the many ways to expatriate, one of the most common is the container: the illegal immigrant boards the container, paying 1000 dollars at the departure and 1000 on arrival, not knowing exactly where he will be dropped off.

Foto Emmanuele AuthorEmanuele Aldrovandi.

Born in Reggio Emilia in 1985. After graduating in Phylosophy and in Literature, he studied playwriting at the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi di Milano.

He won some of the most importants playwriting awards in Italy: the Riccione Prize “Pier Vittorio Tondelli” 2013 with Homicide House, the National Prize “Luigi Pirandello” 2012 with Felicità, the Fersen Prize with Il generale and the Hystrio Prize with Funziona meglio l’odio.

In Italy he works with The MaMiMò Theater Company, as dramaturgy and playwriting teacher.

He wrote several plays and adaptations. Some of his plays are published by CUE Press.

Production companyNus Teatre

Rocío Manzano

Mireia Scatti, Miguel Simó, Joan Codina and Oscar Jarque

Andrea Calsamiglia and Magalí Permanyer

Translated from Catalan by
Carles Fernández Giua