On Thursday July 21, 2016, we opened the third edition of the festival PIIGS. On this occasion, the selected authors developed and proposed workshops to the audience with the aim to jointly respond to the question: At what point does the European project fucked up?. The proposals were very different, some of them very poetic, others more physical, from the movement and gestures and others wanted to play with language and chance to find new connections and answers.



Afterwards, the third edition of the book Piigs Dramaturgy on teh crisis 03, a collection of the plays of this edition in the original language and translation into Catalan, guest authors, participating companies and scheduling readings were presented.

The festival was held on the 21, 22 and 23 July at la Nau Ivanow of Barcelona.


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The Festival PIIGS is a project created by perpetuummobile.

This edition was organized by perpetuummobile and Nau Ivanow.

With the collaboration of La Jarra AzulMoritz.

And the support of Festival Grec y Ayuntamiento de Barcelona.



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