PIIGS_Capsule 2

Internal working workshops

One Saturday, 13th June, we met some authors and collaborators of the PIIGS festival. It was nice to meet again and share the 2 hours of reflections and personal and professional concerns:
“You can’t invent a better way to attack Culture”
“The perception now is that the OTHER is the danger”
“Science has taken the main stage”
“Playgrounds and theatres are still lockdown. This is the kind of society we have”
“How can we create the sense of community without touching each others?”
“This virus is not democratic at all”
“Was this time enough to have a real change?”
“How are we going to react in a second wave?”


Antonio Morcillo. Spanish playwright and director.

Armando Nascimento Rosa. Portuguese playwright, essayist and composer

Bea Insa. Spanish actress, director and theatre teacher.

Chiara Boscaro. Italian playwright and director.

Darren Donoghue. Irish playwright and poet.

Ferran Joanmiquel. Catalan playwright, director and teacher.

Juan Zapata. Dominican filmmaker and photographer

Kyriaki Cristoforidi. Greek theatre investigator

Marco Di Stefano. Italian playwright and director.

Maria Tranou. Greek playwright

Rosa Moliné. Catalan educational and cultural projects coordinator.

Thanks for being there and second round soon!